In case you haven’t noticed we are celebrating 90 years being in business this coming spring!!

We plan to have a customer appreciation day at the office to thank everyone that has been a part of our success. Without our loyal customers we would not be around today!

Also check out the 90 year logo created by Brenda Howland and her company 1st String. Their website is www.1st-string.net they do an amazing job!

Stay tuned for more information regarding our customer appreciation day and thank you for all the support over the years!

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Propane Facts

Always choose propane as your go to fuel! why?

Propane is an approved, alternative clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act, as well as the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 making it much more environmentally friendly than home heating oil

It also is much more reliable than electricity, when the lights go out propane will stay on! This makes propane a great backup fuel for generators.

Choosing propane is choosing safety, reliability, and an environmentally friendly fuel source!

CALL TODAY for our competitive prices and always,

Go modern, go gas!

E.P. Wine Team Sponsorships

This spring and summer E.P. Wine has and will be sponsoring the E.P. Wine major baseball team and the Quabbin boys and girls varsity basketball teams. Our baseball team season has already begun and they are currently in second place! Like them on Facebook to follow their success at “E.P. Wine 2016 Major Team” and Check out a picture of the team along with C.E.O. Rick Wine below. Their next game is tomorrow night 5/25/16 at 5:45 pm at Felton field in Barre. We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for more info on the basketball teams once their seasons begin.


E.P. Wine Annual $1000 Scholarship Announcement

Well it’s time to announce the E.P. Wine scholarship to some seniors at Quabbin Regional High School! I am proud to announce that Eve Giancaterino , Samantha Whitaker , Jillian Nichols, Jillian Schlegel and Sydney Wine will receive $1000 to advance their education after Graduating.

I am proud to associate my company with these student-athletes! Well done ladies congratulations!

-Rick Wine CEO E.P. Wine Inc.

Winter-Time Propane Safety Tips!

With the New England winter season quickly approaching we want to make sure our customers stay informed on how to safely keep their propane appliances operating at maximum efficiency.

The tips located in the link below can help you SAVE a lot of time and money during the heating season so don’t be afraid to check them out or show them to a friend!

Click Here

All information comes directly from the Propane Education and Research Council