We want you to SAVE money this year, follow these tips to do so!

Schedule a Heating System Maintenance: 

A heating system that isn’t properly cleaned and maintained can lead to higher energy bills. Heating systems that are maintained on a yearly basis will run much more efficiently and use less energy to heat your home or business. Luckily E.P. Wine will do this for you! Saving you money in the process.

Lower Water Temperatures: 

Heating water can be costly and can account for around 15%-20% of a home heating bill. You can reduce this cost by turning the temperature of your water down. Turn your setting to 120 degrees fahrenheit.

4% to 10% savings on every 10 degrees turned down.

Adjust your thermostat at night: 

At night turn your thermostat down 5 to 10 degrees in order to save 5% to 10% on your heating bill!

Let it Shine: 

During the day let the sun heat your home for free by opening drapes. Be sure to close them again at night!

Stop drafts from the Chimney:

When not in use chimneys can cause our homes to lose heat. If you do not use your chimney be sure to block it with a piece of installation to stop heat from leaving your home.