Customer Testimonials

“It has been over ten years since I moved into Winchendon. And when I decided to install a propane fireplace insert I went back to the company that has always been their for my needs.
I’ve known Ricky Wine since our teenage years. And to see the E.P. Wine Company expand as a family business with an expanded clientele list and remain family run and orientated is such an accomplishment.
My personal “Thank You” now comes in to play.
After a visit and the explanation of my desire, Rich Holden came out to my home and installed the insert. The company took care of acquiring all necessary permits and contacting the town’s inspector.
The plumbing of the new propane tank and insert went off without a hitch. The unit is a wonderful addition to our living room now. Their on time attitude and expert service is an attribute to the company.
It’s truly a pleasure to speak with everyone, be it the folks inside their office or the technicians who install and service. Thanks again”

~ Alan Rochette


“Big thanks to E.P. Wine for making it possible to survive the winter months as a new business owner. Great people who actually care about their customers. Very dependable!”

-Hogan Pollier (Owner of Driven Athletic Performance)


“This is by far the Best Propane Supply and repair Company anywhere!
Family Owned and Operated by the 3rd Generation Family Member Rick Wine.
I highly recommend calling this Company for all your propane needs”

-Dennis Fleming


“Great Service, Great People….Thanks for the reliable service”

-Brian White


“E.P. Wine is a great company! A very family oriented business that truly cares about their customers and community! I play on a basketball team sponsored by E.P. Wine and we are very grateful for it! Our family is also a customer of E.P. Wine, and we are always served very well, with great people! Highly recommended!”

-Griffin Bennett


“I called them on Friday to get a new tank delivered and they came out on Saturday morning and hooked me up! Incredible service!!!”

-Mike W.


“I used this company for almost 5 years when I lived in Barre. They delivered propane to my house. The driver would show up faithfully and always on schedule. He would either wave or smile and occasionally chat for a bit. One day, he really rescued me from a bad situation. My dog had gotten all tangled up in her runner. She ended up with a piece of the metal runner in her neck, and she was crying because of the pain. I couldn’t get the piece out, and luckily EP Wine showed up. I asked the driver if he could come in and help me with my dog. I explained to him what had happened. I was all in a panic and was scared for my dog. He looked at me and said, “Relax. I grew up on a farm and had lots of animals. I know exactly what to do.” Within about 45 seconds, he had pulled the metal piece out of my dog’s neck, and she was fine after that. I don’t know what I would have done if he didn’t show up when he did. I will always appreciate that extra bit of service he gave me. He was just a friendly neighbor helping another neighbor at that point. EP Wine is a family run business, and it sure feels good to patronize someone that goes the extra mile when you need a helping hand. They do everything that pertains to propane: service, sales, and repairs. And occasionally wearing a first aid/EMT/vet hat too!”

-Annie B.


“Good people and good friends”

-Dan Emmons