Commercial Services

For almost 90 years, Central Massachusetts commercial and industrial clients have trusted E.P. Wine for their propane services, delivery excellence, and competitive pricing to energy-saving equipment and expert service.

From local restaurants to industrial breweries we provide companies across Central Massachusetts the power and fuel they need to operate. Our experience, quality control, and resources enable us to support your commercial service needs better than other propane companies.

Uses of propane for your business:

Cooking: With a propane gas burner you will be able to attend to your customers pallets in just the right accuracy they’re looking for. Propane is used for cooking in most restaurants across the US.

Heating: Propane can be used to easily heat large or small buildings. With propane heat your employees and customers will always be warm and happy in our harsh New England winters.

Drying clothes: If you are a dry cleaning business propane is the perfect fuel for you to effectively and affordably dry your customers clothes throughout the seasons.

Water heating: Propane gives companies the ability to heat any source of water they want whether it be their sinks, showers, or pools.

Vehicle Fuel: Think about switching to propane for your industrial feet! More than 80,000 bus, taxi, delivery services, and other fleets are fueled by propane.  Today U.S. automobile and truck manufacturers are producing more and more vehicles equipped with propane-powered engines to keep pace with this growing demand. Learn more here.

Why use propane for your business?

Propane is an incredibly safe, efficient, and clean fuel source for your business. It is also an american made energy, meaning it is readily available in the U.S.A. Anything that runs on electricity can be converted to propane. Let us keep your company powered. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Give us a call at 978-355-2311 we will be happy to talk with you.