“Not everyone can sell service.”

With these words, Rick Wine, Jr. sums up a main reason for success and continuance of E.P. Wine Inc., 160 West Street, Barre. The firm, which sells propane residentially and commercially, does gas heating system contracting and has available for purchase gas heaters, ranges, dryers and water heaters, they have been operating since 1931.

Regular business hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm with the addition of Saturdays from 8am to 1pm beginning Nov. 1. However, emergency service is ready and willing to render assistance on a 24 hour basis, Rick assures the public. In addition, he will be happy to make appointments for those with special needs to problems.

Looking back over the past, which Mrs. Verna Wine Connington whose late first husband founded the business, can do with accuracy, reveals that they began by selling oil and wood, the former actually sold in individual cans which they purchased from the Socony (remember the “Flying Red Horse”?) distributorship in Worcester. After operating from their home basement, in 1947, they built and began operation of the present store and office. By 1941 they were handling propane and concentrate exclusively on gas now.

Rick is a third generation Wine, having succeeded his late father, Richard Wine, Sr. Following the family and company policy, rick says, “Each call is individual and personal. If we can’t fix it, and that’s seldom, we can find someone who can.” They believe in treating each customer with respect and know them, as well.

There are now two 30,000 gallon gas tanks at the store, enough to safely weather any winter crisis. The staff of two licensed technicians and three delivery drivers is backed up by two full time secretaries whom you may call at (508) 355-2311.