Mission Statement

E.P. Wine has been a steadfast company in the center of beautiful Barre Massachusetts for over 85 years.  We have accomplished that outstanding, and rare, longevity by offering a fair price for our products and unmatched commitment to service.  Our reward has been loyal satisfied customers.

Our goal at EP Wine is to maintain our high level of service to our customers.  We pride ourselves as being the friendly hometown company that customers can reach out to when they have questions or problems.  We truly care about providing the best service we can to our customers, because they are like family.

Courteous, helpful services are timeless elements of our success, and they have never been more important.  As we prepare for the energy demands of the 21st Century, we will dedicate ourselves to provide the type of service that has made us successful for over 85 years.

This is our mission:

EP Wine is a four generation family run propane company focused on providing outstanding customer service.  We view ourselves as partners with our customers, employees, and our community.  Our goal is to keep our customers warm 24 hours a day.
EP Wine will always be here ready to take on all the demands of your energy needs.


Here is our new logo, the four red stripes represent the four generations of Wine’s that have owned and operated the company.