Propane Delivery

Dedication, Safety, Efficiency

E.P. Wine takes a lot of pride in the propane delivery process.  It is what we have done for 87 years for Central Massachusetts! We always make sure to have only licensed qualified  drivers to ensure your propane is safely and efficiently delivered to your homes or businesses.  Our drivers are some of the most efficient around and each one is dedicated to keep your home warm and powered throughout the year.

We offer two delivery options:

Automatic Delivery  – E.P. Wine can set up automatic delivery to your home or business based on usage so you will never run out.  With auto-delivery you have the benefit of never having to check your propane levels because your tank will always be filled by us before it runs out.  This helps us do the job to the best of our ability. This method is highly recommended.

Will Call- If you are a customer who prefers to call us when you need propane that is also acceptable with a two week notification.

 Please keep in mind that driving a propane truck is not easy and can be extremely difficult in winter conditions, please be sure to keep walk ways/drive ways cleared for easy efficient filling as well as safety for the driver.