Residential Services

E.P. Wine sees it’s residential customers as people and their households as homes.

A home is a crucial part of our lives where a lot of time and money is spent. We want to improve your home quality and provide an affordable and effective way to power it.

Uses for Propane in your home:

  • Home heating/ cooling
  • water heating
  • drying clothes
  • Cooking/ barbecuing
  • lighting
  • gas fireplace
  • refrigeration

Our Residential Customers receive:

  • Budget Plans
  • Automatic Delivery
  • 24 hr emergency service
  • and more

Why should you choose propane to power your home?

Affordable. Propane prices compared to gasoline, diesel fuel, and home heating oil are much more affordable to the average person and businesses.

Cleaner. Propane is a cleaner-burning, lower-carbon fuel than other petroleum-based products such as gasoline or diesel because it burns hotter and more efficiently.

American Made. 90% of the United States propane supply is created domestically, making it a readily available, american-made energy.

Safe. After a study conducted by the NPGA it was found only 1 in 37 million people have been seriously harmed in an accident involving propane. This means the likely-hood of being in a propane accident is .0000027 %, proving that propane is an extremely safe fuel source.

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